Eco-Cycle (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:53:49 -0500

I hope all you folks who did an Earth Day action on Coke, or know of one,
will post it to GreenYes so that our friends at Coke who are monitoring
this listserve can see how popular their company has become in such a
short time. This is just the beginning of the new age of
Cyber-Organizing, and any of you net-wizards out there with great ideas on
perfecting the art should let us all know about it.

For my part here in Boulder, on the evening of April 22 EcoCycle held our
annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Earth Day Dance. We had a
sell-out, serving over 400 dinners, and from the stage I shaped my speech
around the Coke action and the creation of the GRRN. Throughout the
audience, EcoCycle staff circulated the Coke petition.

The response was very favorable, and it confirmed my belief that in a
significant portion of the population lies a deep frustration with the
power and arrogance of large corporations. Although I stressed that the
GRRN had not called a boycott yet, many people approached me throughout
the evening and stated their intent to boycott Coke.

EcoCycle will continue the Coke Public Awareness Campaign until they
decide to call the GRRN and respond with a sincere plan to improve their
business practices around recycling, labeling, refillables and deposit

Look forward to hearing from more of you! Eric Lombardi, Exec. Dir.