Re: Fwd: Green Yes Campaign
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:24:40 -0500

Gary, Thanks for sponsoring the call. I already faxed and/or
emailed the alert to everyone on the call today (though not with your

My comments on the alert: E-day (Earth Day?) is not "towards the end
of October 1996"!! And I'd like to see the message tied to recycling
(total recycling/jobs/sustainable materials use) up front, since
there are hundreds of organizations -- and even Republican pollsters
-- promoting 'say yes to environemtnal protection' right now.

Here are emails and fax #s you are missing:

Marty Forman

David Kirkpatrick

Tim Brownell
313-662-6288 x14 work
313-662-7749 work fax

Susan Hubbard
501-444-1860 work
501-444-1880 work fax

Mary T'kash
612-644-5436 work
612-649-3109 work fax

Subject: Fwd: Green Yes Campaign
Date: 4/5/96 3:35 PM

(Bill: please forward to Organizing Committee list)

TO: Grass Roots Recyclers

Great Call today! Here's the information on our Green Yes campaign included
in our latest newsletter. Please send me any recommended edits (not
commentary) with specific word changes you'd recommend for us to distribute
this more broadly in the future. Thanks!!

Gary Liss
Forwarded message:
Subj: yes
Date: 96-04-05 14:19:44 EST

RE: Just Say YES to Environmental Protection

We would like for YOU to join us in a campaign to write letters on E-Day
(towards the end of October 1996) to President Clinton and/or Sen. Bob Dole