Re: Green Yes Listserve
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:22:08 -0500

I spoke with Gary today about getting our recycling policy/zero ideas
discussed on the GreenYes listserve. So we need messages/discussions
intended for general audiences to start perking there (hence the
'please use it.'). I intend to send the document I emailed around to
y'all a few days ago far and wide. It uses the NY Times hoopla as a
hook to get folks interested in subscribing to the GY listserve. I
am sending ver. 2 with Dave Kirpatrick's comments out tonight --
please give me comments by Thursday. The window of opportunity is
rapidly closing.

Gary, pls add and (Mary Tkach)
to your GRN email distibution list.

--Bill Sheehan
Subject: Green Yes Listserve
Date: 7/16/96 3:31 PM

To: Grassroots Recycling Network Leaders

Please sign up on the Green Yes Listserve and then please use it.