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New Publication From The Pacific Center For International Studies

The Center announces the publication of the 10th monograph in its
International Environmental Law Occasional Paper Series, Global
Warming And The Greenhouse Effect: A Primer. An outline of the
publication is provided below.

The monograph should be ideal for use in undergraduate and graduate
classes in the fields of environmental studies, law and political
science, as well as for non-scientists who seek a greater
understanding of climate change issues.

I. Introduction To The Problem
II. Global Warming And The "Greenhouse Effect"
A. Explanation of the "greenhouse effect"
B. Potential implications of global warming

III. The Global Warming Debate

A. Arguments of the global warming skeptics

B. Responses of global warming theory proponents (including analysis
of latest studies from Hadley Centre, Max Planck Institute and

IV. International Legal Responses To Global Warming

A. History leading up to drafting of UN Framework Convention On
Climate Change (UNFCC)
B. Analysis of key provisions of UNFCC
C. First Conference of the Parties & The Berlin Mandate
D. Ad Hoc Committee on the Berlin Mandate

V. Documents Section (including relevant UN resolutions, UNFCCC,
AOSIS protocol proposal, the Berlin Mandate)

Copies of the monograph are available for $15.00 apiece, which
includes shipping and handling; overseas customers should add $2.00
for shipping. Orders may be placed by phone, fax or e-mail. We will
invoice academic institutions, government agencies and non-profit
organizations. For a complete list of Center papers, please contact

William C. Burns
Pacific Center For International Studies
33 University Square, Suite 184, Madison, WI 53715-1042, USA.
Phone: (608) 256-6312
Fax: (608) 256-6312
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