Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:23:16 -0500

Elliott Laws, USEPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response (the highest official in Washington, DC specifically
working on solid waste and recycling issues) has just confirmed his
attendance at the CRRA Conference. He will be helping to open the Conference
in the Opening Plenary session with commendations to CA businesses,
communities and public for having achieved the 25% waste reduction goal. He
will also participate in the Awards Ceremony on Monday night.

Mark Lichtenstein, President of the National Recycling Coalition, has also
confirmed to participate in the Opening Plenary, and in some of the
concurrent workshops. Mark will be highlighting the partnership of state and
national recycling organizations, working together to achieve a National
Recycling Policy.

We have also organized a new plenary session at lunch on Tuesday, June 18 for
Elin Miller, Director of the CA Department of Conservation and possibly other
dignitaries we have invited to present. That session will be held from 1-2
pm in the Hyatt Amphitheatre, outdoors, after people have gotten their buffet
lunch in the exhibit area from 12-1 and viewed more of the exhibits during
that period.

Any questions? Please call me at 916-652-4450 or email me.

Gary Liss