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Grassroots Recycling Network


Date: August 6, 1996
Contact: Rick Anthony

Political Parties Asked to Consider Zero Waste Platform Plank

Internet, USA
The Grassroots Recycling Network is encouraging all its members,
and those who agree with its goal of a sustainable society with
zero waste, to contact delegates to the four major party
conventions to urge that their party platforms include a statement
of commitment to a sustainable planet. The goal of sustainability
can be met in part through a national policy of zero waste,
creating jobs from discards, and ending corporate subsidies for
wasting natural resources.

The Grassroots Recycling Network is a network of recycling
activists, business people, environmentalists, and other
conservatives who believe America's waste-based economy is out of
balance with the requirements of a sustainable future.

The Grassroots Recycling Network vision for a sustainable future is
ZERO WASTE. Zero waste is an appropriate goal for society in that
it conserves natural resources, protects bio-diversity, saves
wilderness, creates jobs, and requires ending welfare for wasting.
ZERO WASTE will require public and private investments in
reduction, reuse and recycling and it will empower manufacturers to
design products for reuse, repair and recycling. The ultimate
result of zero waste will be to eliminate the need to have
landfills to encapsulate and incinerators to destroy, wasted

The Grassroots Recycling Network recommends that the party
platforms advocate eliminating subsidies for mining, harvesting and
wasting natural resources and oppose government funds being used to transfer
environmental and economic liabilities to future
generations. The Grassroots Recycling Network supports party
platform policies and programs that encourage public and private
efforts to achieve a sustainable economy by reducing, reusing and
recycling discarded materials.

The Grassroots Recycling Network will monitor the activities of
government and provide information to its members to influence the
decisions of government toward sustaining resources and against
resource depletion and waste.

The Greenyes news line will inform members of current attacks
against the sustainable society and focus membership response to
the initiators of those attacks. The Greenyes news line will
provide organizational leadership toward political action to make
zero waste, creating jobs from discards and ending corporate
wasting of natural resources, the nation and the planet's goal.

To Join the Grassroots Recycling Network; send an E-mail to
listserve@UCSD.EDU and in the body of the message type Add
Greenyes. From that moment on you can receive current information.