Re: Does Greenyes have a digest?
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:16 -0500

> Hi Steve
>I recently signed up to Greenyes, and find some of it interesting, but >I'd
really appreciate receiving the materials in digest form. Do you >have such
an option, and if so, I'd like to switch. If not, could you >consider it? It
would make it much easier to keep track of all the mail.

Steve Says:
Unfortunately at this time there is no digest..... This is a grass
roots movement and as such is rather anarchistic with no real leadership. It
was enough jut to get the list serve donated to us by UCSD.
I know that much on here is not of interest to everyone, but I also know
that the people thus far participating are the very same people who are
responsible for much of todays recycling infrastructure and many of them are
dissatisfied at where things are currently going. I suspect that much of
ends up on the recycling agenda for the next millenium will be created here.
There is also a strong urge to get other environmental groups allied on this
sustainable society issue....and such an alliance could become quit powerful
All in all I see this listserve as a pot in which the future of
recycling and sustainability is being brewed. It may appear sloppy, mixed
up, and somewhat too much at times, but think of it as an old fashioned
street insurection go on line....
To me I see this as the dawn
of something new, something that could become rather huge. Someone who
studied it from the beginning would have a terriffic book then!