Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:20:14 -0500

TO GRN Steering Cmtee
FROM Bill Sheehan 8/20/96


1. MISSION STATEMENT: Bill will revise and email by Wednesday
(8/21) for group input.

2. ZERO WASTE: Neil will make revisions and run by Dan Knapp;
Ruth has said she will write a 'front end' addition by this Friday (8/23).
After group has reviewed it, the document will be distributed and
posted on GreenYes (with the others, which Neil will work over) for
public input, with a note that these are working documents until final
adoption (or rejection) at the Winter Organizing Conference.

3. ACTION - 35% GOAL: Lance will draft a sign-on letter by
Wednesday (8/21). Each steering committee member will get vital info
(address, work and home phone, fax, email, contact preferences) for
twelve activists to Gary by today (8/20). The letter will ask for group (or
individual?) sign-on. Gary will mail to all and the letter will be posted
on the GreenYes, but each of us commits to make a PERSONAL
FOLLOWUP PHONE CALL to each of our twelve people. The letter
will request that each signer get ten more signers, with contact info back
to Gary.

(Gary, please compile, deal with duplication, and email the list back to
us in a day or two, so we can see who we have missed.)

4. ACTION - CANDIDATE LETTER: Lance will draft by Wednesday
(8/21); run by Rick and Gary; then send via email to rest of committee
for final approval.

5. PITTSBURGH PLAN: Rick will email first draft for comment by
Wednesday (8/21).

6. FUNDING PROPOSAL: Neil will revise old Turner proposal by Sept
1 with help from Bill; Lance will provide additional funding targets and