GRN msg & 35% letter
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:55 -0500

Good work all, things are rolling!!! I lke Gary's suggestions
regarding the message stmt; he should put suggested revisions on
email shortly.

Lance's faxed draft of the letter to EPA regarding the 35% goal is an
excellent start. Again I like most of Gary's comments. (For those
not faxed, Lance will revise and get out very soon). I want to add
two things; will mention now and try to write up this weekend.

1) we should make a specific demand/suggestion: e.g., change goal to
a wasting reduction (rather than recycling) goal, and to 50% by 2000
and 100% by 2010;

2) we should advocate RCRA reform to require perpetual financial
liability for waste in landfills (as long as wastes present a threat
to groundwater, which is forever), and to deal with inadequacies of
dry tomb requirement s of Subtitle D.

Unrelated thought: we need a GRN web site asap. any suggestions?