Re: Re[2]: Draft EPA letter -additions
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:19:35 -0500


I can draft agenda for Sunday at NRC if you like. I'll e-mail request for
agenda items to GRN Committee if you'd like me to work on that.

>>bill sez: YES!!!

Regarding landfills and source separation, I fully agree waste prevention and
source separation are critical to the future system. I just believe that
there will be a need for some amount of residuals processing that includes a
mixed stream. Even today's best curbside recycling and private recycling
operations have a 2-5% residue. Although some of that residue might be
marketed or used in the future, I believe there will always be something. As
a result, I think we should advocate eliminating (dry tomb) landfills as we
know them today, but setting up mixed residuals processing systems as Fred
Lee and Dr. George Tchbonaglas at UC Davis have described. This would be
good discussion item for Steering Committee meeting on Sunday at NRC if we
don't have agreement before then.

Gary Liss

>>bill sez: i like what you say if it is for 5%. holding to 5% and not 50%
will not be easy though.