Re: 50% recycling is NOT enuff!

David Stephenson (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:15:30 -0500

To: Greenyes
From:David Stephenson(

Most of my work is with companies, and I share the zero waste goal, for=20
several reasons (beyond the obvious environmental ones):
=80 only this kind of "stretch" goal can really motivate truly imaginative=
new approaches. Can you imagine inventors burning the midnight oil to get=20
to 35% recycling?
=80 In the "Strategic Environmental Management" course that I teach at=20
Bentley College, I make the students memorize one rigorous equation:
waste equals inefficiency. Therefore, a company that generates ANY waste
(that isn't a valuable input for another use) is by definition not operating=
at peak efficiency, and should do everything possible to get there.
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