50% recycling is NOT enuff!

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:15:31 -0500

With respect to the letter going around asking the EPA to increase their
recycling goal from 35% to 50%:

If you need my vote I'll go along, otherwise put me down as
abstaining - then again I believe that it is all these compramises that are
leading to the downfoall of the environmental movement!

Hey remember - The one thing we seemed to have consensus on in the Grass
Roots Recycling Movement was the goal of ZERO WASTE! Now even that is getting
watered down - We ought to be ashamed of ourselves!
The one slogan virtually everyone who is looking towards the future
seems to really get excited by is: ZERO WASTE! And believe me I run into
more recycler than almost any of you do these days! Now even that one
single, easy to get behind goal has been replaced by just more of the same
old shit!
The reason the likes of Tierney have something to write about is that we
have created a recycling infrastructure that has serious deficiencies, and
rather than pull back and remember why we recycle and make the desperately
needed improvements to reach our goal of a sustainable society, we are
reduced to pushing the perpetuation of more of the same!
I guarantee you that this is the way to disaster and failure!
We MUST change the dialogue to one that reaches for ZERO WASTE and is
flexible on how to get there in a SUSTAINABLE way - this letter is NOT it!
I am very disapointed by this letter - I am really PISSED by it!