GRN Mission Changes
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:15:43 -0500

Here are several good comments on the proposed mission statement. Comment yea
or nay by Tuesday (so Dave Kirkpatrick can make up the flyer).
--Bill Sheehan

Mary Tkach said on 9/6:
This recent draft of the mission statement etc. is great. The one thing
that keeps bothering me is the "end welfare for waste." I agree with the
concept, but i don't think the average person will understand what we are
saying. People might think we are talking about ending welfare waste! (I
do think they understand "corporate welfare") The word welfare needs some
kind of descriptor...corporate welfare, government welfare, financial
welfare...i'm not really sure, it just seems like it doesn't flow with the
rest of the the stuff. Maybe something like: end government incentives for
waste, or end public financing of waste, or... People do understand the term
"public financing."

Lynn Landes said on 9/7:
What happened to the "zero waste" mantra? If you search for "zero waste" in
Netscape (Metacrawler) all kinds of organizations and efforts show up.
Also, whenever we attack landfills, we must also attack incinerators. We
don't ever want to be quoted seeming to prefer landfills over incinerators,
or vice versa.

Bill S. sez:
I have proposed changes as per the above comments:
1. added *corporate* to end welfare for wasting.
2. changed GRN is dedicated to reducing waste to *eliminating* waste.
3. moved the objective that mentions landfill liabilities next to the one that
mentions incinerator and landfill subsidies. (incinerators don't transfer
environmental and health liabilities to future generations the way landfills
they poison us now.)

TO GRN Steering Cmtee
FROM Bill Sheehan 8/30/96

Below is a revised mission statement. Please vote yea or nay by Wednesday
SEPT 4th, or forever hold your peace. This can be provisional until broader
ratification, but WE need agreement now. Dave Kirkpatrick will use this as
the basis for a flyer for the Pittsburgh meeting.

The Grassroots Recycling Network is dedicated to environmental stewardship
and achieving a sustainable economy by *eliminating* waste and reusing,
recycling and composting resources which will support community economic
create jobs, save wilderness, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.

The Grassroots Recycling Network is a coalition of community-based
reuse, recycling and composting activists engaged in conserving our human
and natural resources and giving voice to the conservation ethic that more than
100 million Americans express daily by recycling.

Eliminate waste
Create jobs not waste
End *corporate* welfare for wasting


- Invest in reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and the manufacture and
purchase of reused, recycled and composted products.

- Require manufacturers to design products and packaging for reuse,
recycling and/or composting and price them to reflect their full environmental

- Stop policies and subsidies for wasting resources in landfills
and incinerators and for mining, harvesting and wasting our natural
resources (such as metals, petroleum and timber).

- Oppose policies and practices that transfer environmental and financial
liaibilities to future generations (such as "dry tomb" landfills).