Re: GRN Structure
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:15:37 -0500

Gary Liss asked which direction the GRN ought to go:
The definition of Grass Roots implies a very basic organization with a
minimum of structure, leadership, or even direction. In my opinion uch
organizations are often the most effective because history shows us how most
environmental causes were at their most successful early on when they were
true grass roots level organizations and as they became established groups
with leadership, policy committees, and the likes they tend to get bogged
down and lose their way. I am adament that the Grass Roots Recycling
Movement remain just that! Remember thi is a movement that has arisen out of
frustration with the lack of progress on the part of the many established
recycling organizations out is insane to become another one of
them!!! I believe that the GRRN ought to remain a network where like minded
people can share their ideas with each other and anyone else who is
interested, and from these, often cutting edge, ideas and conversations will
emerge a consensus on what ought to happen. For example the goal of "Zero
Waste" is now a reality....and it did not take long to resolve that really
rather radical next step.
Out of such conversations and consensu building can emerge sub-groups
that work toward specifics such as developing the agenda for the next
millenium, which in my opinion is what you've been incorrectly calling the
GRN misson statement. You know the one you all have been beating each other
up over to such a degree that this infant movement has already become a log
jam! (Shame on you all!)
Another good subgroup would be one dedicated to a take back (and if
that fails: destroy) the NRC campaign! If need be you can start a new
national recycling group to promote recycling.
But please do not turn the GRN into anything more than what it is:
A forum for pro-recycling types to meet, network, discuss, argue, and get
people motivated. Take over or create other group for specific tasks, and
for heven sake DO NOT turn the GRN into another burocrazy!!!!

Don't get me wrong: All of the ideas put forth by Gary mesege are good
ones, and it seems that there are champions within the GRN that are available
to go out and make them happen. The rest of us will help where we are
motivated to and are able to....