Who Wrote This

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:14:39 -0500

Could someone tell me who wrote a piece on the Tierney NY Time article
that begins as follows: (I would like to include it in the booklet I am
trying to complete, but do not know who to attribute thi piece to.)

"The music swells, the camera pulls back, and the setting sun throws golden
rays of celestial light over the Charles City landfill, savior of 6,000
deprived residents whose lives were barely worth living until New Yorkis
garbage came to their rescue. Gag! John Tierney, the author of iRecycling is
Garbage,i which appeared in the New York Times Magazine on June 30, 1996, is
either a stockholder in a major landfill interest or a guy who just canit see
the forest through the trees. "