University Dorm Recycling Programs

Christopher David Gaines (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:14:32 -0500

Howdy everybody,
My name is Chris Gaines and I am the chair of the Environmental Issues
Committee of Texas A&M Student Government. We are a fairly conservative
campus, so environmental issues are not taken care of as they should.
Over the years, we have tried to start a continuous recycling program in
the dorms, but the administration has some basic reasons for not allowing
it. The main reason is that the paper will be a fire hazard in the dorms.
Over the summer about two years ago, the chair before me started a pilot
program in some of the dorms. But after this pilot, nothing came about.
I have talked to a lot of people, especially dorm residents, who want to
recycle. By being in Student Government, I have talked with the Student
Body President, the Residence Hall Association President, the Speaker of
the Student Senate, and many Student Senators who feel this is something
our university needs. I am currently working on an action plan, and I
was wondering if anybody has any ideas about the way I should go about
this issue especially while dealing with administrators? I welcome any
suggestions and comments. Thank you very much and I hope to hear very
many people.

Chris Gaines
Environmental Issues Committee of Student Government
Texas A&M University
(409) 731-1189