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GreenYes Digest Mon, 18 Nov 96 Volume 96 : Issue 25

Today's Topics:
(Fwd) FW: Industrial eco-parks
Eco-industrial Parks

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Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 11:30:15 -0400
Subject: (Fwd) FW: Industrial eco-parks

Dear Otto & GreenYessers,
You may find some useful info and future contacts by listening to
WAMC's "The Environment Show". Our local Sierra Club sponsors the
weekly broadcast on the local university (Frostburg State University)
radio station - WFWM 91.7.
There is a RealAudio site where you can listen to broadcasts from as
far back as June 7, 1996. The URL is:

From the website's info I see the following dates/segments as possible
August 16: Experts are attempting to define what the word
"sustainable" means.
October 11: Profile: The Glenwood Center in N.Y. helps communities
plan for the future. [NOTE: This may be residential; I
don't know as I did not listen to this broadcast yet.]

Also they had a series of segments broadcast over weeks if not months
which must have been earlier than the June date they have on their
website list of dates/segments today.
It dealt with eco-industrial park designing in the U.S. Southeast (I'm
thinking Savannah or Charleston).
You could probably get more from them via their e-mail address:
Keep Well,
Reduce/ReUse/Recycle/Compost - It's a small planet!
Woody Getz
Sierra Club, Vice-Chair, Western Maryland Group/Maryland Chapter
CRoWD (Citizens for Responsible Waste Disposal)
FAR (Frostburg Area Recyclers)
Member, Allegany County (MD) Solid Waste Management Plan Committees
of 1991-92 & 1995-96.
John Reindl 608-267-8815 wrote:
> From: Otto Andersen[]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 1996 4:00 AM
> To: Multiple recipients of list ECDM
> Subject: Industrial eco-parks
> I am interested in the potential for establishing industrial ecosystems
> (eco-parks) in regional areas of Norway, and what the transport-related
> consequences would be. Can anyone guide me with some references that might
> be useful in this work ?
> Thank you in advance,
> ********************************************
> Otto Andersen
> Vestlandsforsking (Western Norway Research Institute)
> Euro Info Centre No-623
> P.O. Box 163
> 5801 Sogndal, Norway
> Tel: + 47 57 67 61 71
> Fax: + 47 57 67 61 90
> e-mail: oan@vf.hisf.n


Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 13:21:58 -0500 (EST)
From: Reid Lifset <>
Subject: Eco-industrial Parks

For those interested in eco-industrial parks and other forms of what
is sometimes called "industrial symbiosis", I suggest that you read John
Ehrenfeld's article in "A Down-to-Earth Approach to Clean Production" in

Also, check out the following web sites:

Finally, the JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY, premiering in Spring
1997, published by MIT Press and headquartered at the Yale School of
Forestry & Environmental Studies will cover eco-industrial parks and other
topics in industrial ecology.

Reid Lifset
Program on Solid Waste Policy
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale University
205 Prospect Street
New Haven,CT 06511-2106
203-432-3253 (telephone)
203-432-5912 (fax)


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