Re: Fwd: Sample Turner Foundation Letter
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:12:29 -0500


I don't think it was wise to broadcast our fundraising strategy and
intention of
staging a protest media action to our opponents who listen in on the
GreenYes --
and there are lots.

Neil's direct mailing to personal contacts, requesting letters to Turner and
cc'd to us, is paying off: I have copies of a dozen very strong letters so
which we need for proposals yet to be written.

Bill Sheehan

Subject: Fwd: Sample Turner Foundation Letter
Date: 11/18/96 8:04 PM

Please send similar letters to Turner Foundation ASAP in support of the
proposal to organize a national conference for the Grassroots Recycling
Network to: 1) ratify the 3 messages of Zero Waste, Create Jobs Not Waste and
End Corporate Welfare for Wasting; 2) discuss and adopt strategies and
tactics to promote those messages to the 100 million Americans who currently
recycle; and 3) to stage a media "action" to protest the proliferation of
waste in our society. The current plans call for the national conference to
be held in George, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd weekend of April, 1997.

Turner Foundation has indicated that they might be supportive of this
proposal, but are wanting to see what type of support there is for this
effort. It's critical that letters be sent ASAP. Thanks!

Gary Liss