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[GreenYes] Coke update

Title: [GreenYes] Coke update

Coke Adds Recycling Life


Coca-Cola has received the highest grade in a beverage container
recycling report released by As You Sow, a San Francisco-based group
that identifies itself as a "corporate responsibility watchdog.”

As you Sow says it evaluated the recycling practices of 23 large
beverage companies in the U.S. The highest grade assigned to any of
them was the “C” received by Coca-Cola, followed by Anheuser Busch,
Pepsi Co. and Nestle Waters, companies that received C minuses.

The study, entitled “Waste and Opportunity: U.S. Beverage Container
Recycling Scorecard and Report,” is based on original research that
evaluated the beverage companies based on four criteria:

Source Reduction (reducing the use of virgin packaging materials)
Use of Recycled Content
Beverage Container Recycling (supporting and investing in legislative
policies that increase beverage container recovery and recycling)
Transparency (compiling and offering information on goals and
commitments made on container recycling, including making such
information accessible through company Web sites).
The 23 companies evaluated in the report represent 74 percent of the
U.S. carbonated soft drink market, more than 60 percent of the U.S.
bottled water market and nearly half of the U.S. beer industry,
according to As You Sow.

The companies evaluated (and the grades they received) were: Coca-Cola
(C), Anheuser Busch20(C minus), Pepsi Co. (C minus), Nestle Waters NA (C
minus), Red Bull (D plus), Fiji Water (D), Honest Tea (D minus); and
the following companies that all received failing grades by As You
Sow’s criteria: Dr. Pepper/Snapple, Miller Brewing Co., Coors Brewing
Co., Starbucks, Cott, National Beverage, Hansens, Crystal Geyser,
Adirondack, Arizona, Boston Beer, DS Waters, Jones Soda, Monarch
Beverage, New Belgium Beer and Polar Beverage. (Please see detailed
list of grades below.)

“Despite some impressive progress, most beverage companies continue to
fail basic criteria for dealing with the environmental implications of
their packaging,” says Amy Galland, research director at As You Sow and
author of the study. More than 200 billion beverage containers are sold
in the U.S. each year, but over 130 billion of those are still sent to
landfills and incinerated, representing a huge waste of natural
resources, says Galland.

Those wishing to read the report can find it on the Web at

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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