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[GreenYes] Ecopolis?

Anybody watch the Science channel’s new Ecopolis six-part series?  Segment two – this week – focused on waste management options for a hypothetical mid-21st century “ecopolis.”  Overly dramatic, it set up false choice between four emerging waste management systems:  a) Singapore’s “ash islands”, in which ash from its incinerators are contained; b) plasma-arc gasification; c) bio-char – soil amendment made from burned organics/biomass; and, d) heat recovery from sewage (not to be confused with biogas production via AD), which is being attempted at Vancouver’s Olympic Village, and a couple of places in Norway.  The series sets up Daniel Kammen, from Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (, a member of the IPCC, as the arbiter of which technology “wins.”  In this case, it was bio-char; plasma-arc dismissed as too complex/impractical for widespread adoption.


Interesting, but also pretty bizarre treatment of a complex issue; totally ignored recycling, and certainly ZW.


Other comments from those of you that saw it?


Kendall Christiansen

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