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[GreenYes] Re: infrastructure and recycling

Just to add info, there is a large group of product categories covered under the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines that by law are to be purchased with recycled content.  This applies to any govt purchases made with federal dollars, so it covers state and local govts, as well as all federal agencies.  Periodically, more groups of products are qualified and added.  I know highway construction products and landscaping products are included; not sure about building materials.  However, LEED probably has requirements for some of those.

Gretchen Brewer

In a message dated 12/16/08 6:33:39 AM, Dbiddle@no.address writes:

I may be way off base here, but thereâ??s a series of executive orders on recycling, waste reduction, procurement, etc. now administered through the Office of the Environmental Executive. I would hope that that work would be expanded upon and refined. And, more than likely, that the office would get a few more staff people. See  and go up the page for personnel.  

Can anyone say, Dana Arnold?

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on 12/15/08 5:07 PM, Amy Perlmutter at amy@no.address wrote:

When Obama is sworn in, there is going to be a big stimulus package passed that will include two things: green jobs and infrastructure repair.  Recycled materials can probably be incorporated for many aspects of infrastructure repair- glass aggregate in road beds, tire shreds as light fill, compost for erosion control, recycled asphalt, maybe even bring back glassphalt or rubber modified asphalt, etc.  

Does anyone know if anyone is thinking about  or advocating for this?  And, if not, any ideas on who should and how to get them to? I would imagine there's a list out there somewhere of recycled highway products. I think things are going to be flying fast and furiously come the beginning of the year.  Any language to spec require recycled products should probably get moving now, maybe get some key legislators on the public works committee to run with this.

This seems like a great opportunity to boost local markets.


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