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[GreenYes] Re: infrastructure and recycling

Title: [GreenYes] Re: infrastructure and recycling

One thing the Obama "green" plan is likely to definitely have are very large new subsidies for conversion of biomass into energy.  My guess is that any benefit recycled materials get through higher demand for materials in construction projects will be far outweighed by a continued erosion of the relative competitiveness of recycling versus waste-to-energy technologies due to poorly thought out public policies.

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>>> Amy Perlmutter <amy@no.address> 12/15/08 5:13 PM >>>
When Obama is sworn in, there is going to be a big stimulus package 
passed that will include two things: green jobs and infrastructure 
repair.  Recycled materials can probably be incorporated for many 
aspects of infrastructure repair- glass aggregate in road beds, tire 
shreds as light fill, compost for erosion control, recycled asphalt, 
maybe even bring back glassphalt or rubber modified asphalt, etc.

Does anyone know if anyone is thinking about  or advocating for this?  
And, if not, any ideas on who should and how to get them to? I would 
imagine there's a list out there somewhere of recycled highway 
products. I think things are going to be flying fast and furiously 
come the beginning of the year.  Any language to spec require recycled 
products should probably get moving now, maybe get some key 
legislators on the public works committee to run with this.

This seems like a great opportunity to boost local markets.


Amy Perlmutter
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