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[GreenYes] Job opening in San Jose, CA

Title: [GreenYes] Job opening in San Jose, CA

The Environmental Services Department (ESD) is recruiting for Environmental Services Specialist/Associate and Assistant (ESS) positions.  The Department intends to use the candidate pool developed from this recruitment to fill future ESS vacancies.  Depending on qualifications, the application you submit may be considered for Environmental/Associate or Assistant ESS positions. The current annual pay range for ESS is $77,459.20 - $94,161.60; Associate ESS is $70,220.80- $85,384.00; Assistant ESS is $60,652.80 - $73,694.40.

Any candidates interested in positions in Integrated Waste Management, Watershed Protection, Sustainability Initiatives, Environmental Policy and Planning, and Water Supply programs are strongly encouraged to apply. ESD currently has over 30 ESS positions.

*Watershed Protection Division ~ The Watershed Protection Division provides services that support the City's efforts to protect water quality in local creeks and in the Bay. The Urban Runoff Section is responsible for coordinating, supporting, and reporting implementation of the City's stormwater program, in compliance with the City's stormwater permit. Section members work closely with other City departments to implement programs and activities ensuring compliance with this permit. Section members also work with the countywide stormwater program ( to interpret permit requirements and develop implementation guidelines, best management practices, and other tools. For more information on the City's Urban Runoff Program, go to

*The Pollution Prevention Section is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive wastewater pollution prevention plan for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.  This program is required as part of San Jose's wastewater NPDES permit and is currently expanding to address a broader array of audiences and pollutants.

*Integrated Waste Management Division ~ The IWM Division is a large operating division with a $100 million annual budget and 30 staff.  A primary goal for the Division in 2008 will be to develop programs that will enable the City to divert 75% of its waste from landfills by 2013, and 100% by 2022.  IWM's Residential Services Division provides garbage and unlimited recycling and yard trimmings service to approximately 202,000 single-family and 92,000 multi-family households. This is the largest municipal privatized residential collection system in the United States and consists of six multi-million dollar service contracts. The Business and Civic Services Division manages the City's commercial garbage and recycling haulers, and provides technical assistance and waste reduction programs to the City's business, schools, City operations, and special events and venues. The commercial waste system is undergoing a significant redesign effort, (for more information go to which will play a key role in achieving the City's aggressive waste reduction goals.

*Office of Sustainability ~ This Office coordinates the implementation of the City's Green Vision and Urban Environmental Accords goals.  Key initiatives include: land use, transportation, green building, energy and water conservation, potable and reclaimed water quality, and resource conservation.  Sustainability staff assist and serve as independent consultants on long range planning initiatives, policy development, special and pilot projects, and environmental regulatory and legislative analysis and advocacy for the entire City.

*Municipal Water Division ~ The San José Municipal Water System is owned and operated by the City of San José. It was created in 1961 when the City purchased the Evergreen Water Company to ensure that the rapidly growing Evergreen community of San José would have a reliable source of water.  The San José Municipal Water System now serves four different areas in the City of San José: North San José/Alviso, Evergreen, Edenvale and Coyote. In addition to providing potable water, Muni Water also operates South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) which consists of over 100 miles of pipe serving the cities of Milpitas, Santa Clara and San José. For more information, refer to Municipal Water's Website at
        Minimum Qualifications
        Any combination of training and experience equivalent to:


A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with appropriate course work for assigned duties.


Environmental Services Specialist:   Four (4) years increasingly responsible experience promoting, developing and implementing environmental programs similar to duties performed as an Associate ESS with the City of San Jose, including two (2) years of team leading responsibility.

Associate ESS:   Two (2) years of increasingly responsible experience in promoting, developing and implementing environmental services programs similar to an Assistant Environmental Services Specialist with the City of San Jose.

Assistant ESS:   One (1) year of experience promoting and participating in the implementation of environmental services programs.

*Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Experience in the planning, development, administration, and implementation of environmental programs; working with internal and external stakeholders to develop consensus on work products and negotiate toward common goals; writing reports, memos and program/project documentation; and developing and implementing stakeholder outreach.

Ability to work effectively with the public, colleagues, and other agencies to resolve disputes and service/program issues, negotiate positive outcomes, and maintain positive work relationships; analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations; use Information Technology to implement and manage programs; develop, implement, analyze, and manage budgets and service contracts; and effectively communicate orally, including developing and delivering oral presentations.

-Employment Eligibility:  Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country.  Please be informed that the City of San Jose will not prepare or file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor.
        The ideal candidate will possess the following competencies, as demonstrated in past and current employment history.  The core competencies for this position include:

- Job Expertise - demonstrates knowledge of and experience with applicable professional/technical principles and practices, Citywide and departmental procedures/policies and federal and state rules and regulations.

- Analytical Thinking - approaches a situation or problem by defining the problem or issue; identifies a set of features, parameters, or considerations to take into account, collects and analyzes data, uses logic and intuition to arrive at conclusions and recommendations.

- Communication Skills - communicates and listens effectively and responds in a timely, effective, positive and respectful manner; written reports and correspondence are accurate, complete, current; well-organized, legible, concise, neat, and in proper grammatical form.

- Project Management - ensures support for projects and implements agency goals and strategic objectives.

- Team Work & Interpersonal Skills - demonstrates a positive attitude and flexibility along with the ability to develop effective relationships with co-workers and supervisors by helping others accomplish tasks and using collaboration and conflict resolution skills.

- Technology Use / Management - uses efficient and cost-effective approaches to integrate technology into the workplace and improve program effectiveness.

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