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[GreenYes] Re: Clear plastic paper's environmental statement// the Greenwashing Index

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Clear plastic paper's environmental statement// the Greenwashing Index

This is a good point, Helen. It's not only a fossil fuel, but a
carbon-inefficient one, at that. There are some nice charts in Stop
Trahsing the Climate <> and GAIA's new
position paper on climate change <> which show that
incinerators produce less energy per ton of CO2 emitted than coal -- and
of course, coal is a much worse performer than natural gas.

Helen Spiegelman wrote:
> What is ignored when we talk about using PP and other plastics as fuel
> is that this is _fossil fuel_, having the same impact on the climate as
> coal or gas. So along with _writing off investment of energy_ to
> extract, refine and manufacture with plastics, incinerators are loading
> _fossil carbons in the atmosphere_. Why don't the Japanese and the
> Europeans see this?
> Helen
> Zero Waste Vancouver <>
> At 12:11 PM 12/3/2008, Anne Peters wrote:
>> Maybe this makes sense in Japan where there is more incineration but
>> PP is not too widely recycled in the US... sounds like a candidate for
>> a website you will all enjoy:
>> <>
>> Aysegül wrote:
>>> Below is Yupo's Environmental statement.
>>> Aysegul Acar-Dreyer
>>> Falls Church, VA
>>> <<<
>>> YUPO paper symbolizes CLEAR's mission through many avenues. Its
>>> transparent nature provides the perfect cover for our magazine. It is
>>> also an innovative, new and exciting product that is working towards
>>> revolutionizing the world. CLEAR magazine is the first publication
>>> ever to be printed entirely on YUPO paper, with a patent pending clear
>>> cover, and the only one to focus on using various high end paper
>>> stocks.
>>> Orange is the new green.
>>> At Yupo Corporation America, our respect for the environment is
>>> unwavering. This unqualified respect is reflected in both our products
>>> and our manufacturing processes, and we are committed to honoring our
>>> internal mandate for resolute environmental stewardship.
>>> Our parent companies, Oji Paper Company and Mitsubishi Chemical
>>> Company, are equally committed to honoring this mandate.
>>> Our Forest, Seas, and Air
>>> Yupo Corporation America is vigilant about preserving and protecting
>>> our vital natural resources in the manufacture of YUPO synthetic
>>> papers.
>>> YUPO is a 100% "tree-free" product, containing neither timber
>>> nor any
>>> other organic fiber. As such, YUPO contributes to the preservation of
>>> our natural timber resources.
>>> YUPO synthetic paper generates no detectable amounts of sulfur,
>>> chlorine, nitrogen, or dioxin gases when properly incinerated and
>>> generates less heat energy compared to other plastics.
>>> Yupo Corporation America is a proud sponsor of and is endorsed by the
>>> Waterless Printing Association, an international organization
>>> dedicated to the reduction and eventual elimination of water in the
>>> printing process.
>>> No ozone layer threatening emissions result from the manufacturing
>>> process.
>>> 100% Recyclable
>>> YUPO synthetic paper is a category 5 polypropylene (PP) plastic film
>>> and is 100% recyclable.
>>> Due to its exceptional durability, YUPO normally enters the waste
>>> stream at a far slower rate than conventional paper and will remain
>>> inert in any approved landfill. Safely incinerated in a modern
>>> facility with an atmosphere of excess oxygen, YUPO will yield only
>>> water, carbon dioxide and ash.
>>> YUPO synthetic papers can be reclaimed as a plastic resin and used in
>>> manufacturing a wide variety of both industrial and consumer products.
>>> These products exhibit the same performance characteristics as those
>>> made with virgin plastics.
>>> 100% Responsible
>>> We maintain a standard of 100% compliance with all applicable
>>> environmental laws, and we are committed to effecting continual
>>> improvements in our processes and to developing environmentally
>>> compatible manufacturing technologies and products.
>>> YUPO synthetic papers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art
>>> facility in Chesapeake, Virginia. Local environmental authorities have
>>> officially recognized our facility and our employees for
>>> "demonstrating a commitment to environmental excellence in the
>>> handling and discharge of wastewater." >>>
> >

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