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[GreenYes] Re: Clear plastic paper's environmental statement// the Greenwashing Index

What is ignored when we talk about using PP and other plastics as fuel is that this is fossil fuel, having the same impact on the climate as coal or gas. So along with writing off investment of energy to extract, refine and manufacture with plastics, incinerators are loading fossil carbons in the atmosphere. Why don't the Japanese and the Europeans see this?

Zero Waste Vancouver

At 12:11 PM 12/3/2008, Anne Peters wrote:
Maybe this makes sense in Japan where there is more incineration but PP is not too widely recycled in the US... sounds like a candidate for a website you will all enjoy:

Aysegül wrote:

Below is Yupo's Environmental statement.

Aysegul Acar-Dreyer
Falls Church, VA

YUPO paper symbolizes CLEAR's mission through many avenues. Its
transparent nature provides the perfect cover for our magazine. It is
also an innovative, new and exciting product that is working towards
revolutionizing the world. CLEAR magazine is the first publication
ever to be printed entirely on YUPO paper, with a patent pending clear
cover, and the only one to focus on using various high end paper

Orange is the new green.
At Yupo Corporation America, our respect for the environment is
unwavering. This unqualified respect is reflected in both our products
and our manufacturing processes, and we are committed to honoring our
internal mandate for resolute environmental stewardship.
Our parent companies, Oji Paper Company and Mitsubishi Chemical
Company, are equally committed to honoring this mandate.

Our Forest, Seas, and Air
Yupo Corporation America is vigilant about preserving and protecting
our vital natural resources in the manufacture of YUPO synthetic

YUPO is a 100% "tree-free" product, containing neither timber
nor any
other organic fiber. As such, YUPO contributes to the preservation of
our natural timber resources.

YUPO synthetic paper generates no detectable amounts of sulfur,
chlorine, nitrogen, or dioxin gases when properly incinerated and
generates less heat energy compared to other plastics.

Yupo Corporation America is a proud sponsor of and is endorsed by the
Waterless Printing Association, an international organization
dedicated to the reduction and eventual elimination of water in the
printing process.

No ozone layer threatening emissions result from the manufacturing

100% Recyclable
YUPO synthetic paper is a category 5 polypropylene (PP) plastic film
and is 100% recyclable.

Due to its exceptional durability, YUPO normally enters the waste
stream at a far slower rate than conventional paper and will remain
inert in any approved landfill. Safely incinerated in a modern
facility with an atmosphere of excess oxygen, YUPO will yield only
water, carbon dioxide and ash.

YUPO synthetic papers can be reclaimed as a plastic resin and used in
manufacturing a wide variety of both industrial and consumer products.
These products exhibit the same performance characteristics as those
made with virgin plastics.

100% Responsible
We maintain a standard of 100% compliance with all applicable
environmental laws, and we are committed to effecting continual
improvements in our processes and to developing environmentally
compatible manufacturing technologies and products.

YUPO synthetic papers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art
facility in Chesapeake, Virginia. Local environmental authorities have
officially recognized our facility and our employees for
"demonstrating a commitment to environmental excellence in the
handling and discharge of wastewater." >>>


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