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[GreenYes] Re: Video footage of post-curbside processing.

This is not a video (and so you might not be interested, but just in case) Seattle has a virtual tour on our website, a series of photos...and text.

Jenny Bagby
Seattle Public Utilities

>>> arthur boone <arboone3@no.address> 11/25/2008 3:55 PM >>>
A teacher friend recently asked if I had a CD/video that showed what happened to materials after being collected at curbside; not so much being aggregated into large loads but how they were actually reprocessed into finished materials ready to be made into finished goods of paper, glass, metal, plastics, wood, etc.

Previously I had been referred to Wisconsin DNR's "Too Valuable to Waste" but didn't find that quite on target. Any ideas on this?

Arthur R. Boone
Total Recycling Associates
Berkeley, California

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