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[GreenYes] RE: [bayes][heur] [GreenYes] Re: mylar bags

Title: [GreenYes] RE: [bayes][heur] [GreenYes] Re: mylar bags

Or domestic company teracycle:

 Pete Pasterz, NCQRP
Cabarrus County Recycling and HHW
PO BOX 707
Concord, NC  28026
If you're not for ZERO Waste, how much Waste ARE you for?

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Take a look at the things created by scavengers artists in Indonesia:

The Scavenger Project is the creation of Julia Gennatosio, an aid
worker who visited Jakarta Indonesia in 2005.


On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 12:51 AM, myna lee johnstone <johmyn@no.address> wrote:
> What can be done about these bags that so many things are packed in:
> orgainic fairtraded coffee,cliff bars,potatoe chips and other snacks.
> I dont want to fill up the landfill with them.Recycling can not take
> them because they are mixed: paper,plastic/metal.???
> >

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