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[GreenYes] Recycle Bank

Hi Rick,
I realize you probably don't have this info, but some of contextual data to evaluate the Recycle Bank program efficacy would be very helpful. 
For example:
-How were the diversion rates were calculated?  Is the 40% diversion excluding yard waste (in which total diversion may be up around 60%)?  If not, what was the diversion for the non-yard waste fraction alone? 
-Since many cities are considering Recycle Bank as a modification to an existing curbside program, the incremental behavior change, rather than gross diversion, is of particular interest.
-Similarly, some assessment of why response rates have differed across communities would be instructive as well, though I'm guessing the system has not been deployed extensively enough to be able to identify these factors.
-Doug Koplow 
Doug Koplow
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>>> Rick Meyers <rick.meyers@no.address> 10/17/2008 9:17 AM >>>

At the National Recycling Coalition conference in Pittsburgh last
month I attended a session on Incentives for Recycling and someone
from Recycle Bank presented, Lisa Pomerantz.  Some communities with
Recycle Bank that were discussed and some of the statistics Lisa
shared were:
--Wilmington, Delaware (first full city program, reached 95%
participation and 40% diversion)
--Everett, Massachusetts (went from 95 to 825 lbs/HH/yr.)
--Cherry Hill, New Jersey (uses a community reward model instead of
the individual incentives [I really like this])
--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1st community to test Recycle Bank in

Lisa said that Recycle Bank is now in 10 states and claimed that the
communities using this system are averaging a 40% landfill diversion
rate.  I don't have specific contacts in these cities for you, but
hopefully this will be helpful.

Rick Meyers
City of Milwaukee, WI

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