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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling Program for Hospitals

Jennifer - 

Since you're in California, you might also try contacting Home CARES Equipment Recyclers, the RACORSE Network.  Contact info: Mr. Thomas Juring, MNA, 510 251 CARE [2273], 2619 Broadway, Room 207, Oakland, CA 94612.  The organization was started 15-20 years ago by a nurse who couldn't stand the waste.  She used to go around to hospitals training staff, and maybe she helped set up some systems.  Maybe they still do that sort of thing.  

Here's their profile:  
Home CARES Equipment Recyclers, operating in the S.F. Bay Area only, collects and then redistributes donated new and used home healthcare and medical equipment and supplies- everthing from hospital beds on down to walking canes. These are then distributed to the uninsured, the disadvantaged, ill and elderly so that they may cope with their situations safely, in comfort and with dignity. Home CARES Equipment Recyclers is a project of the RACORSE Network, an Oakland, CA, based non-profit which seeks to address environmental issues arising from the medical and healthcare industries (waste in hospitals for example). The Home CARES Equipment Recyclers program seeks to encourage sound management of medical resources thus promoting sound management of the Earth's resources, at the same time achieving greater equality of access to healthcare for everyone. There are two sites for Home CARES, currently we are located in San Francisco and in Oakland. We accept and distribute equipment at both sites.

Mary Lou Van Deventer 

On Sep 22, 2008, at 10:16 AM, Neil Tangri wrote:

Hi Jennifer,

You're in luck -- there's a whole global coalition that works on these
issues -- Health Care Without Harm <>. They have information
on all of those questions. Ultimately, you may find that you want to
hire a consultant with specific experience in hospitals to tailor a
system to the hospitals in question.



Jennifer Halpin wrote:

I've been contacted this morning by a company interested in starting a recycling program within the hospitals they currently service.

Not just the medical waste, but the blue wrap and other such recyclable materials generated from hospitals.

Please let me know if you have any information on the following:
how to start a hospital recycling program,
what containers work best inside the rooms,
how to get the word out to staff members,
what problems may arise when trying to recycle some of the material,
or any other relevant information/examples would help

Thank you and hope everyone had a great weekend.


Jennifer Halpin

Recycling Information Specialist
Merced County Association of Governments (MCAG)
Ph: 209-723-3153 ext. 315

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