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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Workshop and Panel Discussion Cancun Mexico,October 13 and 14 2008

REWAS 2008 



For information and reservations: mtgserv@no.address


Zero Waste Workshop

Michael Huls and Richard Anthony (with appearances from the Zero Waste Team)

Monday October 13, 2008;  

2:15 – 6:00PM Miramar

Session 1   Integrated Resource Management

This session will address the techniques and implementation of a variety of programs and actions that change waste management into resource management. This session will first provide a comprehensive review of all technological aspects of resource management, from upstream to downstream, and include business sector as well as municipal sector activities. Mostly, this session will address clean production, cradle to cradle planning, and product design and EPR. The session will cover several case studies including Ricoh electronics and their five Rs, Urban Ore and its reuse activities, Vons and its composting program, and the development of resource recovery parks.


Session 2   Organics Resource Management

Organic materials comprises 60% or more of what is commonly referred to as MSW, municipal solid waste. In some states, organics are even banned from landfilling. In this session, participants will learn about a variety of issues, the technologies, siting, environmental impacts, and marketing as it is currently done by many practitioners.


Session 3   Supply and Demand

To set up programs at municipal levels or even at facility levels, it is required that resource managers have an expert understanding of the facets of wasting, how discards are generated, how they can be easily categorized for resource management purposes, and how they can be marketed. In this dual session, participants will learn about profiling their wasted resources as a supply for end uses, and learn critical aspects about markets and market demand, from local development to international trade.


Session 4   Moving Business to Clean Production and the Triple Bottom Line

This session is intended to bring participants up to speed with the need to move businesses to clean production, and to understand and adopt the triple bottom line as a resource management principle of business. Over 2000 companies in California right now have adopted zero waste to landfill, and are making money as well as protecting the environment through clean production and the TBL.


At the end of the training, participants will be given a short exam and an opportunity to obtain a Temporary Certificate of Completion in Integrated Resource Management issued by CRMTI


Zero Waste Panel Discussion:  International Papers on Zero Waste 

Tuesday October 14, 2008    10:30 – 12:30

Keynote : Eric Lombardi:  Zero Waste as a Peace Movement

Susan Kinsella:  Self-Interest And System Optimization for Zero Waste

Muni Lahkani:    The Need for Clean Production and Product Re-design 

Richard Anthony:  What The Plastic Industry Must Do If We Are To Keep Plastic Out Marine Debris And Get To Zero Waste 

Brenda Platt:  The impacts of Stop Trashing the Planet (pending)

Michael Huls:  We need Environmental Education


San Diego, California

It's only a deal if it's where you want to go. Find your travel deal here.

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