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[GreenYes] FW: Free Webinar, Cost Calculator and Prize Update for Bottled Water Pledge

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More on Water from CNAD


Pete Pasterz

Cabarrus County Recycling and HHW

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If you're not for ZERO Waste, how much Waste ARE you for?


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Subject: [html] Free Webinar, Cost Calculator and Prize Update for Bottled Water Pledge


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Issue No. 47, August 21, 2008




Break the Bottled Water Habit

brighter planet

Wellness Enterprises

Wellness Enterprises





Lower Your Carbon Footprint: Break the Bottled Water Habit

Breaking the Bottled Water Habit is good for the environmentThousands of individuals around the country have taken the pledge to Break Their Bottled Water Habit, which not only benefits the planet but also puts them in the running for great eco-friendly prizes

Our grand prize includes a trip for two to Glacier National Park from Brighter Planet.  Second prize includes a Wellness Kitchen S-III, an above counter filtration system from Wellness Enterprises.  Third prize is a self-filtering water bottle also from Wellness Enterprises.  Fourth prize is a Nuun mixed flavor multi-pack from Nuun Active Hydration.  There are 28 prizes in all--pledge today and increase your chances of winning one of them!

Learn more about why Breaking Your Bottled Water Habit is a smart move for reasons other than the aforementioned prizes by clicking here.


How Much Could You Save? Try the Bottled Water Calculator

On average, tap water costs U.S. taxpayers 0.2 cents per gallon – which is roughly 750-2,700 times cheaper than bottled water on a per gallon basis, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has also found most of this water to be very safe. Over 90 percent of U.S. municipal water systems regularly meet or exceed the EPA’s regulatory and monitoring requirements.

Why are you breaking your budget when you can break the bottled water habit?

Use our bottled water calculator to help you compute the financial and environmental impact of your bottled water consumption.


Think Outside the Bottle: Bottled Water Alternatives Webinar

RPN Bottled Water Guide

Bottled water is expensive and resource intensive. Tap water is safe, inexpensive, and readily available. That's why so many institutions are switching from bottled water to tap. Join Center for a New American Dream's Responsible Purchasing Network for this free webinar about bottled water impacts and tap water solutions this Tuesday, August 26 from 2:00 to 3:30 EST.

Presentations will include:

  • Mark Hays, Corporate Accountability International, on the social and environmental impacts of bottled water;
  • Courtney Godwin, RPN, on best practices in bottled water alternatives; 
  • Nancy Read and Nelson Nieves, NYC Museum of Modern Art, on their office's switch to bottle-less water coolers; and 
  • Chandra Johnson, City of San Francisco, on the City’s June 2007 policy phasing out bottled water and their experiences thus far.

For more information and to register, please visit here.



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