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[GreenYes] value of reuse building materials

Title: [GreenYes] value of reuse building materials

I did a survey of building-related reused materials stores and found sale value at about $1.39/lb average of all the reuse materials they carry, i.e. take total sales divide by total tons sold across many stores. Another study in Florida of HfH ReStores found about $1.56/lb.

That would be about $2,900/ton...?

I have done best to create list of all reused building materials stores in the US quoting summary @ this author:

"The number of reused building materials stores in the US is about 1,200 as of 2006.  (EXCLUDES used clothing and household goods reuse sales, re-milling of lumber into high-end products and antique and high-end architectural salvage, INCLUDES reused and donated “ordinary” surplus and salvaged building materials.

There is an estimated 315,000 tons/yr to 360,000 tons/yr  of reused building materials sold by the approximately 1,200 reused building materials stores  in the US.

The high end of this estimate is approximately 0.2% of total waste from building activities produced in the US each year based on latest estimate by US EPA."


Brad Guy
Ph.D. Program
School of Architecture
Carnegie Mellon University
Cell: 814-571-8659

The 2009 Building Materials Reuse Association International Deconstruction and Reuse Conference will be held in Chicago, IL, April 27-29, 2009. Check for monthly updates including the call for presentations.

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> guy_brad@no.address writes:Hello Ric Anthony,
> Could you clarify this chart..  "Reuse" is a
> process and all the other lines
> are materials types.. the "Reuse"  is 2.0% of
> total therefore does it exlcude
> all the materials types listed ? does  this mean there is
> no reuse for any of
> them only recycle?  and if so then  what are the Reuse
> materials types?
> Hi Brad;

> By now you all have seen Dan and Mary Lou's comments.

> My two percent for reuse comes from looking at the
> detailed composition
> sorts in many Cities.  I actually have some  hands on
> experience. The lower market
> value is conservative and comes from  an old  Urban Ore
> report and still
> makes the reuse category the  largest revenue  generator by
> far.  Even at these
> low rates and low  prices the  value is so high that
> traditional waste 
> managers have a hard time believing. Imagine their chagrin
> when we put the price of
> paper at $100 and  metal at $100 which today is very
> conservative.

> The  paradigm shift is  the  market.

> Regarding the non marketable.  I did add this  category.  I
> cannot find a
> market for soiled diapers.  I don't want to  compost or
> burn wood that is treated
> with heavy metals of poisons. And  there is about 1% in
> each material sorting
> category that is made up  of  mixed  materials designed for
> landfill. These 
> are products that need to be take back for redesign.

> As for mistakes these are miss-throws.

> Rick

> Ricanthony@no.address
> San Diego,  California
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