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[GreenYes] Scrap/metal records management software?

Title: [GreenYes] Scrap/metal records management software?


   As we probably all know, metal theft is on the rise due to
increasing scrap/commodity values.  In my neck of the woods this is
certainly the case, and while it's on the books that scrap yards are
supposed to keep good records here, they clearly don't.. so I am
planning on engaging a number of folks in our government about
enforcing these rules.  I would like to be able to suggest a few
different options and packages (i.e. software, ID scanner solutions,
materials records keeping, etc.) for them to look at as a way to help
reduce theft by reducing the ease of selling the stolen property.. so
I'm interested in any suggestions you may have.

Referrals to or correspondance from industry associations that
regularly deal with these topics are also welcome.


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