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[GreenYes] Stationary LFG becomes a mobile source?

The Altamont Landfill in eastern Alameda County, California was having difficulty getting local air board permission to install a new machine to burn landfill gas to make steam and electricity to supplement two existing machines installed several years ago. Machine manufacturers were unable to certify that gas destruction would take place according to air board standards. The landfill owner came up with an alternate plan to compress this landfill gas and burn it in waste collection and transfer vehicles as a fuel.


The thought came to me that if the gas were burned in vehicles, then would it be a mobile source rather than a stationary source and perhaps less subject to regulation or non-pollute standards; would the fuel preparation equipment machinery remove any possible contaminants?


I have no experience on this topic and would appreciate references to persons with experience on this issue or written, authoritative documents; thank you.


Arthur R. Boone, member, Altamont Community Monitoring Committee.

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