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[GreenYes] Re: Proximity of beverage containers' receptacles to trash cans.

That's why the DNC is recruiting scores of volunteers to stand by the waste/recycle stations and coach folks in getting their waste into the right receptacle here in Denver next month.  They're shooting for darn near zero waste!

Ann Dorfman wrote:

I’ve always believed this was a sociology dissertation waiting to happen. I’ve observed a direct correlation between the level of contamination and distance between trash and recycling containers. At a PGA golf tournament held here it was clear that beginning with a distance of one foot between trash and recycling containers the contamination levels rise noticeably. My instructions are always the trash and recycling containers MUST be touching. People love to set them on either side of a doorway or path, but even that guarantees a fairly high level of contamination.


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I have observed in special events that the percentage of beverage containers in the trash is directly related to the distance from the trash receptacle to the receptacle for beverage containers.

Said another way, unless the containers receptacle is right next to the trash can, it is increasingly less likely that the discarded beverage containers will end up in the containers receptacle as the distance between the two receptacles increases. Said yet another way, assigning a place for beverage container receptacles randomly is foolish and they must be paired with the trash containers and kept that way.

comments please.


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