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[GreenYes] Expanding Plastic Recycling

Our community is exploring the possibility to expanding our plastics recovery from #1 #2 bottles ONLY to include other tubs and cups and other types of plastics.


Currently we recycling about 22 tons a year in just bottles alone and I am curious to know if other communities have gone through such an expansion and if so, what where some of the lessons learned.  Specifically how much of an increase in tonnage did people experience; what were some of the routing or equipment changes needed; what were the impacts on curbside collection; what sort of outreach message was the most effective, etc)


TIA for your help on this.


Craig Barry

Executive Director



Environmental Resource Center

471 North Washington Ave

PO Box 819, Ketchum, Idaho 83340


208.726.4333 w  208.726.1531 f

208.720.5661 m


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