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[GreenYes] Re: Fuel price impact on collection

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Fuel price impact on collection

We have been operating a fleet here in MN for the past 5+ years. For just
Fleet operations, we have seen fuel expenses as a percentage of operations
increase from approximately 6.4% in 2003 to currently being approximately
12.9% of operational expenses.
Operational expenses of just our fleet include collection staff wages and
benefits, supervisory costs including dispatcher, all vehicle related
expenses (insurance, licensing, maintenance, depreciation and interest),
safety trainings and equipment, and supplies. It does not include education
or administrative overhead costs.
Feel free to contact me directly with further questions.

Tim Brownell
President/Chief Operating Officer
Eureka Recycling
2828 Kennedy Street NE
Minneapolis, MN  55413

(651) 222-7678
New FAX: (612) 623-3277

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Does anyone know the percentage cost of operation that fuel represents
in recycling or garbage collection?  What was that percentage 5 years
ago, and what is it today?  Referrals to source data is ideal so I can
look at what costs are being included and excluded, but I'll take any
information I get.
--Paul Dunn

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