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[GreenYes] E-Waste Inquiry

Hi All:


I’d like to get a better understanding of e-waste recycling is working from the perspective of an industry participant, and to also understand the impact of national retailers starting to get involved in the market.


Also, we have a client that is interested in starting a e-waste program in their local community.  Below are a few questions they have that I thought you might be able to help us with:


~ Do you know of any place I might find some research or market information on the establishment of a local electronics recycling program?

~ How does a local program cover the cost of collection and transportation on a large scale? 

~ After collection what is the most effective method for allocation of the material? Is it best collected and send to someone else for dispersal or does it make more financial sense to collect and sort the material for maximum value? 

~ What is the best source for information related to local codes for collection of electronics waste material? 


Thanks for any information you can provide.


Best Regards,


Bob Wallace

Principal & V.P. Business Solutions

WIH Resource Group

Environmental & Logistical SolutionsTM

Phone:  480.241.9994 ~ Fax:  623.505.2634

E-mail:  bwallace@no.address





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