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[GreenYes] Letter in Sunday's New York Times re Ethanol Production

THE NEW YORK TIMES - May 18, 2008 - Letters

Ethanol and the Energy Question

To the Editor:

There is an ethanol alternative that does not use food as a feedstock. It uses a negative-cost feedstock that we have plenty of: garbage.

The municipal and industrial waste generated in the United States could provide up to 50 billion gallons per year of clean transportation fuels through the use of plasma gasification. It could also provide a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating methane gas from landfills.

Building on progress over the last two decades, waste conversion using plasma gasification has become a commercial reality as an environmentally friendly and economical way to transform waste material into clean energy.

Daniel R. Cohn
Cambridge, Mass., May 12, 2008

The writer, a senior research scientist at M.I.T., is a co-founder of a plasma gasification technology company.

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