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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling language

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Recycling language

Here's some model contract language that we have on our website that
may be of help to you.

Description of Sample and Model Contracts, Ordinances and Policies
These documents are provided for your reference, with the
understanding that their appropriateness and applicability to your
jurisdiction remains to be determined. None of these documents are
endorsed or promoted for direct application by the workshop sponsors
or by R.W. Beck. It is assumed that any RFP, contract or ordinance
would be adapted to meet your community's specific needs, and reviewed
by the appropriate jurisdiction procurement personnel and attorney(s).
The following documents are included on the website (MS Word Format):
Lancaster County, PA Residential Model Municipal Contract Collection
The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA)
developed model contract language that includes collection program
specifications for refuse, recycling, and yard waste. This language
was intended for use by Lancaster County municipalities, but could be
adapted to suit other municipalities as well. Mandatory recycling
language and a sample monthly report for recyclables are also
MA DEP Template for Municipal Contracting For Curbside Recycling
Collection Programs and Related Services
This template provides model language for refuse and recyclables
collection, as well as for other services such as provision of bags
and/or containers, education/outreach, customer service, participation
in pilot studies, and billing services. In addition model language for
recyclables processing/marketing is included - both as the
responsibility of the collector, and as a separately contracted
service Language pertaining to additional requirements is also
included, such as employee conduct, supervision, reports and record-
keeping, meetings, inspections, and performance review. It should be
noted that some contacts in the appendices may be out-of-date, and
Appendix F, Sample Facility Delivery Standards, is not provided.
Springfield Township, PA - Refuse and Recycling Regulations
Springfield Township, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) has concise
regulations describing their refuse and recycling programs. Materials
accepted under each program, (and materials not accepted) are clearly
Borough of Edgewood, PA Ordinance 981 - Mandatory Recycling Program
The Borough of Edgewood, PA, has a concise ordinance describing their
mandatory recycling program. The ordinance language stipulates that
recycling will be funded through grants, however. It is suggested that
municipalities consider other funding mechanisms, and ultimately aim
for a self-sustaining program. Also, this particular ordinance only
mandates that households recycle, not businesses.

King County, WA - Model Environmentally Preferable Products Policy
King County, Washington established a model policy to encourage and
increase the procurement of recycled and other environmentally
preferable products by municipal agencies and contractors. As the
County indicates, "The model calls upon purchasers in all agencies to
use recycled and other environmentally preferable products whenever
possible, while recognizing that their principal requirements must be
product performance and fiscal responsibility."
CIWMB - Large Venues and Events Waste Reduction Model Ordinance
Recognizing that many citizens are in the habit of recycling both at
home and in the workplace, but not necessarily at large venue events,
the CIWMB developed model ordinance language to encourage
municipalities to mandate that events of a certain size be required to
recycle materials generated. The CIWMB web site, supplied within the
document, also provides some suggestions as to the types of materials
that are typically generated at such venues, and conversion factors.
Denver, CO Recycles Program - RFP and Addendum for Recyclables
Processing and Marketing (PDF)
Denver, Colorado developed a Request for Proposals leading to the
hiring of a contractor to process and market their single stream
recyclable materials. The City's RFP outlines service expectations,
revenue-based incentives and pricing terms, and provides a detailed
description of the incoming recyclables to be processed. The addendum
shows questions raised by potential bidders and the City's responses.
We have some examples available online at and If I can provide further
assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

On May 13, 4:45 pm, "Ann Dorfman" <dorfman...@no.address> wrote:
> Have any of you developed recommended lease agreement language that a
> commercial tenant can request to have included in a lease agreement that
> specifies that the landlord will provide recycling services in addition to
> trash services?
> Ann Dorfman

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