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[GreenYes] PSI 4th National Product Stewardship Forum - Early Bird Registration Ends May 5th!

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Early bird registration for the 4th National Product Stewardship Forum ends Monday, May 5th.

Register now to save $75 on your registration fee!


Please note that the Hyatt Harborside Hotel cut-off date for room reservations is May 8th, so reserve your room today!


For registration and hotel information, please see the announcement below:



If you cannot see this email properly, please see the PSI website at:


The 4th National Product Stewardship Forum

Boston, MA ~ June 3-5, 2008







The PSI Product Stewardship Forum attracts the top government, industry, and environmental leaders from around the country in the field of product stewardship. It will be one of the best conferences that you attend. Here are a few things that past attendees have said about our forums:

  • Excellent agenda. So many diverse perspectives led to tremendous ideas.
  • The PSI Forum was without a doubt the best environmental conference that I have attended in several years.
  • Never seen a workshop with this quality of participant information and topics.

What is the PSI Forum?

The PSI Forum is a national conference hosted annually by the Product Stewardship Institute that provides an energetic environment for face-to-face discussion of current and emerging product stewardship issues, with extensive networking opportunities. Speakers represent the full stakeholder perspective – manufacturers, retailers, local, state, and federal governments, and environmental advocacy interests. The Forum provides an overarching perspective on the state of product stewardship today, as well as information about innovative programs and processes currently underway in the U.S. and abroad. Through interactive sessions, Forum participants discuss challenges and strategies for achieving a future in which products are responsibly manufactured, used, and managed after use.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston this June!


Forum Plenary Topics will include:

•  Keynote Speeches from Industry Leaders
•  The Retail Role in Product Stewardship
•  Industry Stewardship Organizations
•  State Thermostat and Electronics Legislative/Program Roundtables
•  Measuring Progress and Performance Goals
•  Updates on Key Product Areas
•  Financing Systems - Experiences from the U.S., Canada, and Europe
•  A Product Stewardship Approach to Packaging
•  International Harmonization and Trends 
•  Product Stewardship Framework Legislation
•  Additional information is available on the PSI Forum website



 The 2008 Forum will be held at the Hyatt Harborside Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. The two day Forum will be held on June 4th and 5th.  The Annual PSI Membership Meeting will be held on the evening prior to the forum, June 3rd, from 4 to 6 pm. See the link below for hotel information:


Agenda-Webpage Color.jpg


For any questions regarding this event, please contact PSI Forum Coordinator:

Erin Linsky



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