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[GreenYes] Re: Recycling/trash enclosures

Hi Phil and others,

Multiple communities in Boulder County have passed "Equal Space
Ordinances." Rather than dictate the exact dimensions of the
enclosures in commercial buildings (including MFUs), these just
require that developers include as much space for recycling and
composting as they do for trash. We pulled the most effective language
from them to create recommended ordinance language, which I've pasted
below. If you would like to see the specific language from any
community, please just let me know.

Best of luck,

Recommended Equal Space Code Language

All new and significantly remodeled occupied structures shall provide
adequate space for the collection and storage of recyclable and
compostable materials.

For the purposes of this section, "significantly remodeled" shall mean
structures where fifty percent or more (of fair market value of the
building as determined by an appraiser acceptable to the City Manager
or his or her designee) of the exterior of the structure is
reconstructed, remodeled or modified (excluding painting or changing
exterior cladding materials).

The following buildings shall be exempt: Single-family dwellings; and
multi-family dwellings where there are no central or communal refuse/
recycling collection or storage facilities, and where refuse and
recyclable materials are stored and collected on an individual unit

For the purposes of this section, "adequate space" shall be defined as
a footprint of space intended for the collection and storage of
recyclable and compostable materials that is as least as large as the
footprint of space provided for the collection and storage of trash

Recycling and composting areas shall include adequate space for the
maintenance and servicing of containers for recyclable and compostable
materials that are provided by local disposal and recycling companies.

Storage and collection containers shall be clearly labeled or
identified to indicate the type of materials accepted. Recyclable and
compostable materials storage areas shall be located adjacent to trash
collection and storage areas in order to provide convenient access.

Caroline Mitchell
Community Outreach Coordinator

> On Mar 31, 2008, at 9:27 AM, Bruce wrote:
> > Does anyone have any kind of formula or guideline for designing an
> > enclosure for the commercial sector that is adequate for not just
> > trash (the default mode, currently), but recyclables, compostables,
> > etc? We are looking at updating our building code to require more
> > space.
> > Thanks,
> > Bruce Philbrick
> > City of Loveland, Colorado
> > >

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