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[GreenYes] Does anyone know western cities' recycling programs?

Good afternoon,

I'm attempting to gather information about the recycling programs in a
few western cities that my city (Boise, Idaho) benchmarks against.
I'm having a lot of trouble finding program coordinators or managers
who can answer questions. Often I land in utility billing or general
city customer service, who have been helpful identifying common
recyclable materials but not able to tell me if the area is
franchised, who the hauler(s) is, # of households or city population
or whether or not uncommon materials (i.e. aseptic packaging) are
recycled the community. So I'm hoping someone out in GreenYes land
will be able to assist me....

I'm looking for the above info on the following cities:
Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, Albuquerque, Eugene (all info
needed), Reno and Spokane.

Any info is greatly appreciated - THANKS!
Megan Kershner
City of Boise, Idaho

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