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[GreenYes] Re: Economic Value of trash for waste to energy plants?

Hello M.S.

I agree.

However, the economic system is distorted because it excludes the
environmental costs of manufacturing to a large degree.

The cost of using up the world's petroleum, of causing the extinction
of species, of degrading water and air quality, etc. is mostly

If the 'true costs' were included in manufacturing "stuff", then the
value of the stuff would be much higher, and we would not be so apt to
make it and discard it.

We would instead:
-rethink it,
-reuse it,
-repair it, and
-recycle it,

Instead of
-landfilling it, or
-incinerating/capturing raw material energy from it.

The best way to reduce waste is to ensure that the true economic and
ecological value of the item is included in its price.

Or as the late Governor/Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin said, "the
economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ecology."

But unfortunately, the econmists don't act that way.

Norm Ruttan
iWasteNot Systems
Materials Exchange, Recycling Websites & more

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