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[GreenYes] Show of your Sustainability skills and qualifications

Hello newsgroup members,

The Jobs and Internship section of the has
been a really successful for a while now and is growing at a rapid

Today I have added a new useful forum today, called the CV/Resume

This is a place for everyone to:

1) Upload their CV/Resume if you are openly looking for a job and
2) for employers to browse the already uploaded CV/Resume of a
possible candidate for a particular vacancy you want to fill.

This is the direct link to the CV/Resume Forum:

I hope you will find this new sub forum useful.

See you in the forum.

Kind Regards,

Fabian, created and managed PB Consulting GmbH

M (D): +49 (0)176 700 78 180

M (UK): +44 (0) 77 94 365 209

Email: fabian.pattberg@no.address

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