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[GreenYes] Hearst Corporation HQ Targets Zero Waste   


April 17, 2008 - Hearst Corporation has implemented a "target zero-waste" policy at its Manhattan headquarters - one of the largest single-building landfill-diversion programs in the U.S. The 850,000-square-foot tower boasts a new organic waste composting program for its sizable kitchen, as well as an aggressive recycling effort that aims to recover all paper, metal, glass, and plastics generated in the building.

Organic waste from Hearst Tower's kitchens in its cafeteria, Cafe57, and its executive dining facility will now be collected and shipped to a composting site in New York. The program will divert about 95% of all kitchen waste from landfills, Hearst estimates. The company piloted the composting program waste hauler Sprint Recycling last month, diverting 23 tons of organic waste from landfill in March alone, according to Hearst.

Non-organic waste such as office paper and cardboard is also collected Sprint facility, which separates and transports the materials to manufacturing facilities as feedstock for new products. E-waste is properly handled and recycled as well, Hearst says.

Hearst Tower is New York City's first occupied office building to earn a LEED Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. More information on the building's green features is available here.



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