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[GreenYes] Recycling by mail

Title: [GreenYes] Recycling by mail


Recycline has a program for people to mail in their used tootbrushes (to be
incorporated into plastic lumber).  The toothbrushes are made from PP.

This link should work for information about mailback.  If not, go to
and click on their products, and then toothbrushes.


On 4/16/08 4:47 AM, "GreenYes group" <noreply@no.address> wrote:

> == 1 of 3 ==
> Date: Tues, Apr 15 2008 1:13 pm
> From: "Sue Bush"
> Dear Recycling Professionals,
> I am working with a client that would like to implement a mail-in recycling
> program. 
> I am not at liberty to discuss what would be recycled, but I can say it is
> an item that is not hazardous in any way, and one that some curbside
> programs would accept, but others would not.  The program could be what I'm
> calling an individual or group program. Individual - consumers gather a few
> recyclable items, then mail in, or a group program, where schools or other
> organizations collect, then mail (or ship via UPS) a larger container in.
> The program would be intended to "bridge the gap" where the product is not
> recyclable in local programs.

> I would appreciate any feedback from recycling professionals regarding their
> experience with and/or opinion of mail-in (ship-in) recycling programs, any
> tips, concerns, etc.
> Please feel free to email me directly -- I'd be happy to share info
> w/others, but I'm not sure everyone on the list is interested...

> Thanks in advance!
> Susan Bush
> sbush@no.address

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