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[GreenYes] Re: CFL Generation Rates

Actually, you could try touching base with National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. NRECA provides research to its members, and well may have looked at this topic, albeit from a purchase perspective for demand-side management - not a waste generation rate.  In fact, a quick look at NRECA's site shows its members have some CFL replacement programs.

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David Biddle wrote:
Re: [GreenYes] CFL Generation Rates I would imagine you’re not going to find meaningful data on this issue for the population in question. Probably the most appropriate thing to do, especially with a small population like that, would be to do a survey of a random sample of households and then develop a model using the appropriate lifecycle assumptions. You could also talk to your local utility. They may be trying to figure out the same issue.

Two years ago you might have been able to just model the problem based on the “one unit per household” phenomenon, but now folks I talk to are doing major re-lamping in their houses.  So much depends on socio-economic status and literacy levels though...

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on 4/11/08 3:20 PM, Craig Barry at craig@no.address wrote:

Does anyone have any generation rates for CFLs from rural communities based on population?
Trying to gauge how many CFLs might be generated out of a rural community with some 22,000 residents.
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