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[GreenYes] RE: [heur] [GreenYes] Re: MEDIA request - Status of Refillable/ReturnableBeerBottles... soda too?

Title: [GreenYes] RE: [heur] [GreenYes] Re: MEDIA request - Status of Refillable/ReturnableBeerBottles... soda too?


I'm sure you did not imply that refillable milk containers were NEW....but maybe that there's a re-emergence of small local/organic dairies using them.  Remember when in the early 90's when GE was trying to market LEXAN [polycarbonate = Bisphenol A] refillable milk bottles??

CRI and GRRN have some links, but most information is quite dated, as is the work by ILSR and Inform, Inc.
Maybe contacting Brenda Platt at ILSR and Valerie Hoy at CRI directly would help...perhaps they have info on the current state of refillables which they have not published...


Why is it that Coke TV commercials ALWAYS show happy people drinking from refillable glass bottles????


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Subject: [heur] [GreenYes] Re: MEDIA request - Status of Refillable/ReturnableBeerBottles... soda too?
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Milk refillables are major new development too.  Strauss Dairy in Marin. County does that.

Container Recycling in DC is best source for all things refillable (where Pat Franklin used to work).


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Subject: [GreenYes] MEDIA request - Status of Refillable/Returnable Beer  Bottles... soda too?

Hi ZWForum & GRRN:
Don Russell a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News called me this morning looking for examples of refillable bottles programs and legislation.  If you have any information or good leads and can send to me or Pete Pasterz, that would be terrific.  I will forward to the reporter.  Sorry I didn't ask his permission to include his email so I deleted it from this email.
He is familiar with Canada's beer bottle refillables and Europes refillables, and mentioned in Norway even the caps are returned for reuse/recycling.  Nice to have a reporter who is so savy to EPR concepts.
Cool news is somehow he heard of the Club's Zero Waste: Cradle policy and that it includes refillables.  Yea, Bill Sheehan, Helen Speigelman and Robin Schneider!!!
Ann Schneider
Chair, Zero Waste Committee
Sierra Club
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Hi Pete -
Ann Schneider gave me your name. I write the beer column at the Philadelphia Daily News, and I'm working on a report about refillable bottles. I'm mainly interested in any initiatives or reports on U.S. refillable bottle programs. It seems almost non-existent. Are you aware of any breweries that have started refilling bottles? Any legislative actions to promote/mandate refilling?
I'm basically trying to get a handle on where refilling stands in the U.S.
Don Russell
Phila. Daily News
Tel. 215-500-4627

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