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[GreenYes] Questionnaires for local governments.

The Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club is considering sending a questionnaire to cities in its four county area about the contents of the local public agency's Climate Action Plan, usually developed under some Cool Cities program.

We are now trying to determine what questions should be asked to discern the local public agency's commitment to and posture towards waste reduction, composting, and recycling. We will of course be asking questions on zero waste policy, plans, programs, etc., and some statistical measures but at present we are mostly focusing on whether the community has determined the emissions that could be avoided if materials now being wasted were recycled instead. John Davis of the CRRA Policy Committee did a calculation last May which unfortunately has had limited attention documenting what CO2 reductions could be possible by total recycling; the numbers are very high (i.e., equal to getting 90% of the diesel trucks off the roads in the state).

The surprise here is that most of the recent surveys we have seen ignore this question and focus on mildly relevant stuff about landfill gas capture rates, etc.

The question is if you could advise me on similar work done elsewhere on this topic. Answers don't have to go in the listserve. Thank you. arboone3@no.address

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